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Accident-prevention mesh panels and rolls

TEC® and RT® mesh panels and rolls were designed by sia-mpl over thirty years ago and since then the company has been successfully manufacturing and marketing them through selected dealers. Today they can rightly be considered the ACCIDENT-PREVENTION MESH PANELS AND ROLLS PAR EXCELLENCE.

The versatility and the elegance of the TEC® and RT® mesh panels and rolls make them ideal for a whole range of different sectors: from industry to furnishing and accident prevention, where they are used to protect against moving parts.

The TEC® mesh is available in standard panels and rolls, the RT® mesh is available in standard panels and for specific heights, made-to measure panels can be obtained.

These products are made of drawn, polished and chemically-treated wire, devoid of impurities and suitable for chrome-plating; on request, the panels and rolls can be supplied in pre-galvanised wire and stainless steel.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology facilities, Sia-Mpl is able to supply trimmed, bent, rounded-off and coated TEC® and RT® panels, with very fast delivery times and competitive prices, even for small quantities.

The range of TEC® rolls, of different heights, eliminates the waste problem and is available in the following sizes:

H=1220 – 1100 – 980 – 860 – 740 – 620 mm wire to wire with approx. 10 mm tail, with total length 52,500 metres equivalent to 3500 welded wires with tolerances according to EEC directives.

All the Sia-Mpl brand products undergo stringent quality tests.

The selection of raw materials with certified quality characteristics, the constant control of production processes, the tests performed once machining operations have terminated are all factors that ensure very highest product reliability.

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