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Electrically-welded mesh since 1961

In the sphere of the Italian economy, those companies which have been able to bring together tradition and innovative dynamism, thus incorporating the best entrepreneurial qualities, have played the most important role, especially when originating in a rural context which emphasises the dedication to work and the spirit of sacrifice.
In Brescello, an excellent example of such a company is SIA-MPL. It was set up in 1961, initially based in Parma, by Alfredo Pressanto, exactly when the Italian boom, as it subsequently became known, was beginning.
Alfredo was a representative for a Turin company  making air compressors, and deciding to set himself up in business he developed and personalised his own prototype air compressors which he was soon able to produce in bulk, even given the limitations of technology in that period. He enjoyed considerable economic success.
Knowing his sector well, he was ahead of his time in designing the first accidentprevention equipment, which at that time was more or less unheard-of and certainly not imposed by the law as it then stood.
But SIA-MPL’s winning strategy is tied not so much to one product as to its founder’s unusual characteristics: Alfredo, in fact, always showed himself to be motivated by an unfailing desire to ensure his business made progress by studying solutions and anticipating trends, development, direction and needs of the market in question.